Joan Miro Serie Mallorca Plate No XII

JOAN MIRO (1893 – 1983)

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JOAN MIRO Serie Mallorca Plate No XII 1973

What we have here is faultless pull from Miro’s series on Mallorca, Spain. Miro lived on Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. I lived for a number of years on the adjacent Island (Ibiza) and on occasion would see the Master when he came to Ibiza to visit friends.

One day while sitting at an outdoor café in Ibiza, Miro and I struck up a conversation. Well, one thing lead to another and Miro invited me for lunch the following week in Palma. We met a week later at his villa for our feast, which was served to us on the patio and this is where I saw this cat sitting at my feet. This was in 1972 when he was working on this piece for Sala Peliares, who was the publisher of the edition Mallorca. By the way he (cat) did receive the bones from my fish and loved it!

I am offering this piece framed, where it floats in an acid-free environment. This is a pristine example of the Master’s version of “A Day in the Life.”  – M.J.


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