Takesada Matsutani Town


Town – 1969

Screenprint, signed in pencil, dated, titled and numbered 

12″ x 26″

30.48 x 66.04 cm

From the edition of 30

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When I study Matsutani’s ‘Town” it makes me aware of his long history in art. First off, this piece tells me of Stanley William Hater and his influence on Mr. Matsutani. Back in 1967 our artist joins Hater’s Atelier 17 and immerses himself in the art of etching and this influence is evident in the top part of ‘Town”.

After years of study and feeling that he was ready to embrace a new medium he bid farewell to Atelier 17 and hello to the American artist Kate Van Houton with whom he shared a Montparnasse studio. She turned him onto the impactful medium of serigraphy and we find that influence in the magenta column.

Finally we see the early influence of Shosaku Arao, who became his mentor/teacher in 1957 who taught Matsutani how to marry the art of Nihonga with the perceived lack of discipline in Western Art. And finally this piece shows us the way Van Houton influenced him into mastering ‘Hard-Edge’. Oh and as a side, Matsutani married Ms. Kate Van Houton!

I hope you enjoy the story of ‘Town” as much as I had reminiscing about this amazing artist! – M.J.

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